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From visas to permanent residence to citizenship, we offer a full range of services to clients, 

ranging from individuals to entrepreneurs.

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We are delighted to address all your immigration-related inquiries through either an in-office or telephonic consultation. During this session, we will meticulously examine your case and provide comprehensive explanations of the available resolutions.


A consultation fee of $250.00 (U.S.) is required in advance. Should you opt to retain our services for your immigration needs within 24 hours of the consultation, we will apply a credit to your account for the consultation fee.



Accurate, high-quality language translation services in:


  • Kurdish (Kurmanji & Sorani);
  • Azeri;
  • Farsi;
  • Turk​ish;
  • Arabic;
  • Spanish;
  • French.



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Unless you are already a client of ours and have completed the engagement letter process, no attorney-client privilege exists and any information you e-mail to us will not constitute confidential information. Always exercise discretion before sending sensitive or confidential information by e-mail.

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